Software Improves English Writing Clarity

Revising your own writing is always difficult because it seems clear to you. If your writing is clear, readers understand your message easily. When your writing makes readers work too hard, readers dislike your document, even if the grammar and spelling are perfect! Perfect grammar and spelling do not guarantee English clarity, or Reader Comfort.

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VanWrite Sentence Aerobics is an objective method that guides you to write clear, powerful English sentences. Sentence Aerobics software displays your writing strength and weakness in any document, and the colors show you where to revise.
Sentence Aerobics Online includes
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  1. a word processor similar to Microsoft Word,
  2. a document analysis pane that displays the document’s strengths and weaknesses, and
  3. an online coaching pane that easily guides you as you improve your document’s clarity.
Other Cloud Features:
  • Secure
  • No software or setup
  • Windows, Mac, Linux
  • All popular browsers
  • Individual and Corporate
  • Share, co-edit, print, save
  • Import/export
  • Globally accessible